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Cub Scout Archery & BB Gun Rangemaster Training

Cub Scout Archery & BB Gun Rangemaster Training

Saturday, June 16, 2018 - 9:00am to 12:00pm
@Myers Park   McKinney, TX
Staff Lead: 
Stacy Dunn

BSA requires all Cub Scout shooting sports (including Cub Scout archery, BB guns, wrist rockets/slingshots, catapults or rockets) to be supervised by a BSA certified range master. At the Cub Scout level, bb and archery is only allowed at district and council-operated events, and may not be conducted at the pack or den level.

This training course covers setting up a range, safety, handling equipment, using a bow stringer, maintaining and storing equipment, and instructing Scouts. This certification is valid for two years from the course completion date.

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged so enough trainers and handouts are available. Email Stacy Dunn to sign up (stacy_dunn_@hotmail.com)