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Fall Recruiting Kickoff

IT'S TIME!  Fall Recruitment is here!


CUB LEADERS! It’s a New ball game for Recruitment 2019!


Get your membership chairs and recruitment teams to the kickoff!


Come Join us for this fun Kickoff- August 8th at 7:30 pm at the LDS Church on Coit Rd. in Frisco.


There are some positive developments in Frisco ISD, Celina ISD and Propser ISD.  And its  our second year of girl recruitment!!!  


We will be covering: 


  1. School Night Best Practices and tips
  2. Unit Goals and Challenges
  3. District Challenge for recruiting via peer to peer cards (there are district and individual high recruitment prizes)
  4. Overview of join night materials
  5. Discussion and allocation of join nights and rallies
  6. School signs, peer to peer cards, door hangers will be distributed to each unit
  7. Mock training /overview on join nights



Lets go Iron Horse!


If any questions, contact:

Ann Boudreaux annbudo@gmail.com Iron Horse School Night for Scouting Chair

Shannon Goldman goldmanjax@yahoo.com Iron Horse Membership Chair

Adrian Rivas- Adrian.rivas@scouting.org- 214-551-2682 Iron Horse Sr. District Executive