• Iron Horse

Iron Horse District Awards Nominations

It’s time to recognize the Scouters in our district and units that do such a great job providing a quality program for the youth in our area.  Please discuss with your units and take a minute to think about who these special folks are and nominate them, so they can be properly recognized at the upcoming district dinner on January 26th.  See the list of awards below. 


The award form can be printed or typed and can be submitted by either email, personal delivery or postal mail as follows:


1. Deliver to the Bobby Lyle Billy Gamble Scouting Center, or mail to;

        Address: ATTN: Iron Horse Awards Committee

        5600 US. Hwy. 75 S.

        Fairview, TX 75069


  2)  Email to annbudo@gmail.com and michael.hall3@scouting.org



Sparkplug Award - Nominations due Dec 31st

Each unit can nominate that special person in their unit to honor the efforts of this exceptional volunteer, deserving recognition for their hard work in providing a quality program for the youth in their unit.  (Limit one per every 50 boys registered within the unit)  The Sparkplug Award can also be awarded to a “Team”  (i.e. Husband & Wife, etc…) 


Scouting Family Award – Nominations due Dec 31st

Scouting is truly best when the whole family gets involved.  The Scouting family award goes to a household where Scouting extends to the lives of everyone.  


INDIVIDUAL of the year AWARDS – Nominations due Dec 31st

The following awards are meant to profile the achievements of especially outstanding unit leaders.   

• Scoutmaster of the Year

• Cubmaster of the Year

• Venture Crew Advisor of the Year

• Committee Chair of the Year

• Charter Org. Rep. of the Year

• Den Leader of the Year (There is an award for each rank!)

• Commissioner of the Year


Doug Molepske Scouting Award of Excellence – Nominations due Dec 31st

An individual in the District who has earned the District Award of Merit, and displays the same ideals and beliefs in the Scouting program as our past District Commissioner, Doug Molepske.



Silver Arrowhead – Nominations due Dec 31st

The Silver Arrowhead is a district award bestowed upon volunteers who make a difference in the life of their youth, their unit, and have extended their service to the district level as well.  



District Award of Merit – Nominations due Dec 31st

The District Award of Merit is the highest award the district can present to volunteers who show the uppermost degree of dedication to the Scouting program.  D.A.M. recipients are those volunteers who go above and beyond their unit program, and serve the entire Scouting community on the district level.  Community service outside of Scouting is also a hallmark of D.A.M. recipients.