• Iron Horse

Iron Horse District Award Winners

Congratulations to all the scouters that were honored at the annual district recognition dinner on Saturday:

Cubmaster of the Year: Bill Sutherland, Pack 443
Scoutmaster of the Year: David Grandfield, Troop 22 (178)
Crew Advisor of the Year: Steve Anderson, Crew 2
Pack Committee Chair of the Year: Christi Schettler, Pack 1290
Troop Committee Chair of the Year: Manuel Sierra, Troop 4018
Charter Org Rep of the Year: Tony Walsh, Pack 12, Pack 443, Troop 77, Troop 365, Troop 4018, Crew 33
Tiger Den Leader of the Year: Wade Poff, Pack 920
Wolf Den Leader of the Year: Erica Osters, Pack 920
Bear Den Leader of the Year: Debbie Ernst, Pack 754
Webelos Den Leader of the Year: Mike Hong, Pack 443
AOL Den Leader of the Year: Debbie Leslie, Pack 754
Commissioner of the Year: Felix Salmeron

Scouting Families of the Year:
Dunn Family, Pack 920
Leslie Family, Pack 754
McCaulley Family, Troop 4018/Pack 920
Schettler Family, Pack 1290
Walker Family, Troop 77/Crew 33
Younger Family, Pack 806

Silver Arrowhead Award Winners:
Scott Beadle, Ken Boydstun, Rob Brodner, Randy Cook, Stacy Dunn, Franc Moses, Tony Walsh

District Award of Merit:
Jennifer Anderson, Gary Griffin, Felix Salmeron, Jeff VanDrimmeln

Doug Molepske Scouting Award of Excellence:
Shannon Goldman


Sparkplug Award Winners:

Pack 12 Donald Dement
Pack 197 Christine Carter
Pack 278 Erica Johnson
Pack 278 Scott Johnson
Pack 296 Alyson Steiner
Pack 380 Monica Kuhn
Pack 754 Julie Le
Pack 806 Ashley Glover
Pack 806 Donnie Wheat
Pack 920 Amber Mendoza
Pack 920 Eric Mendoza
Pack 920 David Thoreson
Pack 946 Marisa Nieto
Pack 970 Jenny Crust
Pack 970 Patrick Foster
Pack 1260 Benjamin Brezina
Pack 1290 Mitch Tillison
Paxk 1290 Olivia Ogren-Hrejsa
Pack 1300 Leah Bartlett
Pack 1300 Neil Bartlett
Pack 7187 Suzanne Brigman
Troop 22 Scott Francis
Troop 51 D.J. McKenna
Troop 51 Matthew Drinjak
Troop 77 Jon Phillips
Troop 298 Jodie Nachtrab
Troop 298 Lori Cook
Troop 1260 Julia Ernst
Troop 4018 Bob Bart