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A Scout is reverent...

When a Scout is a good representative of his religious tenets, he’s a good Scout. When a Scout is living the points of the Oath and Law, he’s faithful to the teachings of his religion. Adult leaders should set a positive example of doing one’s duty to God and encourage Scouts to be faithful Scouts devoted to their duty to God as well.

One way to set the tone in your unit is to encourage Scouts to learn about the religious awards program for their faith. Scouts and adults alike have award programs associated with their religious groups. These all have various requirements, but all of them encourage Scouts to be more faithful and more active in performing their duty to God. Most programs have awards available for all programs- Cubs, Scouts, Venturing, etc. Some are more rigorous than others.

In addition influencing the boys we lead, adults should encourage our unit Chaplains, and especially Chaplain’s Aides, to help Scouts who are interested in earning the awards, regardless of whether your unit is affiliated with one particular denomination, or if it represents a number of different denominations. It’s a good way for Chaplain’s Aides to magnify their role and to exhibit greater leadership as they serve. There’s a Duty to God Promotion Patch program, making special awards to those who help promote the Duty to God program (https://www.praypub.org/dutytogod.htm).

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