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C31 Den Chief Training

C31 Den Chief Training

A Den Chief is a Boy Scout, Venturer or Sea Scout assisting a Cub Scout den. But the story is far more important than those words suggest as the Den Chief:

• Serves as a Scouting role model for the Cub Scouts in the den, as well as the entire pack;

• Promotes Scouting in general and the local troop in particular;

• Encourages the transition of Webelos Scouts into Boy Scouting;

• Holds a leadership position in the troop or crew, thus fulfilling an advancement requirement in the unit. In addition, a trained Den Chief:

Oak Leaf

Oak Leaf

This training is specifically for First class Scouts, or above, who are or will be serving as Senior Patrol Leaders, Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders, Patrol Leaders, and Assistant Patrol Leaders.


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